Who Is Unykue

Born to Beth and Gregory Roberts as Jaren Roberts, Unykue has been musically inclined since the age of five when she began playing the violin. Her passion for music and the art of promotion has led her to become a PR and marketing consultant, certified ProTools user and entertainment law student.

Unykue graduated from the Detroit School of Arts where she enhanced her musical abilities by majoring in Symphonic Band with a minor in Music Production. During her high school career, she received the name Unykue from a close friend because her arrays of talents were genuinely unique. Aside from playing the alto saxophone, Unykue played various instruments including: drums, electric bass, guitar, and oboe and she also wrote, produced, engineered and performed her own songs. In 2006, she played at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City. In 2009, she was crowned Detroit’s Queen of Beats for winning a beat battle hosted by Nick Speed of G-Unit and DJ Head, a producer for Eminem. In 2011, Unykue was the first female to enter into and win a beat battle at the legendary Bullfrog in Metro Detroit.

Unykue earned both, her Bachelor’s in Entertainment Business in 2011 and her Master’s in Public Relations in 2013 from Full Sail University.  Upon receiving her Bachelor’s degree, Unykue gained hands-on experience in marketing and promotions by interning for Radio One and Sony Music Entertainment. She was also the Valedictorian and Advanced Achievement Award recipient for her exceptional work throughout the PR program. As a result, Unykue founded Unykue PR & Communications in 2013. She has worked with an array of clients in various industries that is vastly growing.

Outside of her love for the entertainment industry, Unykue is on a mission to save lives. Unykue is a founding member and distributor of Nspire Network whose purpose is to bring first-class wellness products into the global market while creating awareness that educates individuals to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Unykue values small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, as she aims to help them develop an invaluable customer experience. Unykue is currently training to become a certified MOBE consultant to further enhance her skills and abilities in the small business niche.

Unykue has two children, a son, Jaedon who’s 9 and a daughter, Egypt who’s 2. Her purpose is to help others around her realize they are worthy of living the life they desire. Her vision is to reach financial freedom and become a millionaire in the process of helping others so she can ensure success for generations to come. Her why is not only because of her children; but because she realizes that she must be willing to manifest her reality, while challenging herself to be the best person she can be on this earth; not just in the physical realm – but spiritually, mentally and financially.

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