Inspire. Educate. Empower: Beyond the Detroit Women’s Empowerment Expo

Why is it that we, as Black women have this stigma with each other? Brown skin VS dark skin VS light skin. I’m sure we have our own insecurities within ourselves but, I must say, this battle we have with each other is becoming played out. As Black women, we should honor sisterhood. We always tend to gossip, compare each other, compete with each other, hold grudges,  and are quick to envy or despise another, especially if it comes down to a man. We are so focused on physical image and who has what, that we fail to get ourselves together in terms of spirituality, finances, education, health, becoming home owners, starting our own businesses, healing from failed relationships and friendships, or even taking the time to respect ourselves.

This, is why it is important to be self-contained and to continue improving ourselves. I want to start by thanking Radio One and its sponsors for launching the annual Women’s Empowerment Expo. If you attended, you know how revitalizing this event was. There were 17 breakout sessions on:

  • Black Men Revealed: Transitioning from Boyhood to Manhood
  • When Hormones go Haywire
  • Women who Lead
  • Ask the Lawyers
  • College Fund 101
  • The Marriage Seminar
  • Your Best Sex Ever
  • Go on a Debt Diet/Credit Class
  • Start Your Own Business

This expo was about inspiring, educating, and entertaining the community; but, mostly black women. Unity, encouragement and empathy were exercised throughout this expo. Women shared stories and their most intimate experiences throughout life and even gained more knowledge about womanhood. Guests included: Morris Chestnut,  Chante Moore, Leela James, Lil’ Mo, Claudette Ortiz, and keynote speaker, Tyler Perry.

Keynote Speaker, Tyler Perry

In case you missed this year’s event; don’t worry. There is always next year and there is always now. Here are a few of my favorite books that I would like to share with you that will assist with your  continuation of self-improvement, self-education and mastery of self.

CoCo of Kiss 105.9FM

The next time you’re out and about, challenge yourself to compliment another woman. Challenge yourself to pull someone to the side and inform them on their nasty behavior or their vulgar mouth. Challenge yourself to help someone in need instead of recording it then posting it all over the Internet. Challenge yourself to respect other women without referring to them as a bitch. I challenge you to get over your past and be a better parent to your child(ren) and their father(s). I challenge you to learn to forgive yourself. I further challenge you to finish whatever you have started; whether it’s obtaining your degree, obtaining your GED or a certification, or becoming the first lawyer or doctor in your family; completing your business plan to launch your own company; or simply be the best version of yourself that you can be in every day life.

As a Black woman, I am here to tell you that You. Can. Do. It. We have lost ourselves along the way, but I believe with hope, perseverance and consistency, that we can heal each other and will become better women, mothers, and sisters to each other. There are more than enough resources in the world for us to take advantage and be happy in life. After all, we do rule the world and set the standard. It’s time that we start acting like it. Here’s a little more motivation for you.


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