Katsucon 2018

It’s that time of the year again where anime and video game fans alike, unite to share their love and excitement for Katsucon. This annual 3-day convention will be held in the Metro D.C. area between February 16th – February 18th and is expected to host 40,000 visitors from all across the nation.

There are tons of exhibits and programs to keep everyone occupied and engaged at this 24-hour, non-stop action packed event. Katsucon recently added a Marvel Photoshoot. This is very exciting especially since Black Panther premieres the same weekend. This year, fans can experience the Katsucon Artist Alley and art shows, where there will be over 40 artists showcasing their work. LARP (the Live Action Role Play), will be the room where imaginations run wild. LARP will engage fans in having fun creating stories by interacting with other players and the game masters. The Model Exposition allows contestants to dress up and win lots of prizes. This year’s theme is food. Yummy!

Another exhibit attendees can anticipate is the Photosuite – a photography suite dedicated to preserving the memory of all of the hard work Katsucon’s attendees put into their cosplays. After all, cosplays are very cool and people should be remembered for it. There will also be tabletop and video gaming tournaments. There will be a selection of retro to modern arcade units that are FREE to play!

Outside of the awesome exhibits, there will be a variety of programs. The annual Charity Auction offers attendees the opportunity to bid on awesome items and support a great cause. These efforts will be in support of Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society. There will also be a formal ball and a masquerade.

Max@Play and Off To See The Wizz, Entertainment will both be covering the event for the entire weekend. Be sure to follow them and check out any exclusive, live footage.

Tickets are still available for purchase. For more information, visit the official Katsucon website.



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