Drake and Lil’ Wayne Tie for First Time in Detroit

This epic, inspired Street Fighter tour had Detroit on fire Saturday night. Drizzy Drake and Mr. Carter blazed the stage as they battled back and forth delivering their hottest songs. In between their sets, words were exchanged between the two as they cracked on each other’s performances.

Yo Gotti got the crowd warmed up for the YMCMB artists by performing his hottest singles, “I Know”, “Act Right”, “Lebron James, “Yayo”, and his newest single, “Errybody”. The Memphis rapper repped his CMG movement while making the following statement, “I paid a lot of dues to stand on this stage and I been through a lot. I appreciate everyone who came out to fuck with us.” Yo Gotti’s new album, The Art of Hustle will drop this November.

The Drake vs Lil’ Wayne show featured an interactive app that allowed the fans to both choose Drake or Lil’ Wayne and give the artists power ups during the battle. As a result, Tune Chi started the show was a score of 2-3. “It’s my muthafuckin’ night, nigga”, said Weezy as he opened the show with “Blunt Blowin”. After Tune Chi’s first set, he exited stage right saying, “There’s a difference between good and greatness” and the crowd screamed in excitement.

Once Drake came out, he told Detroit, “I’m about to roast this nigga tonight and all of you can see, Detroit!” The crowd went into an uproar cheering and clapping.

After performing “0-100,” Drake got intimate by flying over the crowd on a pole to “Marvin’s Room”, shouting out his fans. It bothered him that he had to sit up on that stage and couldn’t see his fans face to face after they spent so much money on tickets.

The blinding light show featured vintage art and 3D images and effects. It was one of the most creative for the YMCMB artists. As the two got deeper into the battle, Weezy had his DJ play “Bandz A Maker Her Dance” after Drake was on the pole. Then, Drake shot back by saying, “You don’t wanna play the hook game. You said yourself that we gone be all right if we put Drake on every hook”. Then, the beat to “No New Friends” dropped and Weezy snarled back by saying, “That was cool. But, you did the songs I had the best verses on!” Weezy began to rap “Duffle Bag Boy” and then danced to “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal”, a song from ‘one of Drake’s best friends’ recalling the recent beef and re-kindled relationship between Drake and Chris Brown.

As a last resort, Drake performed “Started from the Bottom” and Weezy said, “I know where you started, nigga. I started you” and the crowd went crazy. After coming together to perform their encore set of “Believe Me”, “The Motto”, “Grindin” the first single form The Carter V, and “HYFR” the two tied 3-3 for the first time ever during their tour.

The YMCMB mentor and mentee are scheduled to wrap up their 31-city co-headlining tour through September 27th, when it ends in Woodlands, Texas. Drake announced that he would be working on his 4th studio album entitled Views from the 6 once the tour is complete. Lil’ Wayne will be releasing The Carter V on October 28th. It was quite comical the way the two engaged with each other on stage throwing verbal shots at each other. It was exciting to see them on stage together after hearing their many collaborations. Weezy even recalled Drake’s Degrassi days of when he was in the wheelchair. If you missed this interactive concert, watch the video footage and see for yourself on how the two tied it up. Drake had the crowd rocking and singing every song word-for-word. Do you think it was a tie?

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